Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Aziz

M.Bilal Aziz (CEO)

 His mindset is the backbone behind the core of Skylinksolutions. His natural ability to build relationships along with tenacity when working with various carriers during the beginning steps of the company’s existence has transformed the company to where it stands today. Growing up, Skylinksolutions moved around quite a bit due to career changes and promotions, though he considers his strongest ties to be with the Mid West and New York. His vast understanding of the freight industry, computer, technical, and networking skills have proven to be a big asset for the business. “We are consistently striving to add more value-added services and state of the art, advanced tools for our customers. We want to ensure that our customers receive an efficient and personable experience every time they use our services. Our customers have come to rely on us for their shipping needs through the years, and we work hard to ensure they are always getting the best price and value.”

Muhammad Ishaq Aziz

Marketing professional.

M.Ishaq Aziz is a logistics marketing expert with a vast knowledge of sales strategy and customer service techniques. Having first worked as a customer service representative, Ishaq fully understands the in and outs of logistics. Ishaq holds several certifications in Web & Graphic Design. Ishaq's knowledge of computers and software make him an excellent trainer, allowing agents to fully learn our freight management system and internal processes..